Welcome To Our 73rd Annual Horse Show and Country Fair!

Last Labor Day Weekend treated us to three sunny and beautiful late summer days as we all met and mingled, tacked up and rode, or ate ice cream and went on the rides. Many volunteers work through the year to make these three days special for all who attend, and we all hope that you enjoy this year’s show, country fair, vendor village, sponsor events and car & tractor exhibits.

Many features make the Ludwig’s Corner experience unique. Ours is an un-rated horse show with A-rated level judges, courses, competition and ambience. Ours is also an entirely non-profit event, supported by the exhibitors, members, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors you see here. Our mission statement was revised at a spring Board meeting, and now states:

To preserve the horse tradition of Chester County; host an annual Labor Day Weekend horse show and country fair; maintain the show grounds as open space and make the facilities available for use for horse and dog shows, community events and activities.

Your presence here and support of the show allows us to continue maintaining these grounds. This past year, we re-graded and conditioned rings 1 and 2, re-landscaped the bleachers, and purchased a state of the art arena drag.

We maintain and improve these grounds for the use of many: other local horse and dog shows, a lacrosse team, family and corporate events. The local individuals and businesses that serve as sponsors and our advertisers deserve thanks and patronage from all of us, along with the committee personnel who work tirelessly all year round to make this show happen. We hope you have a wonderful time at the 73rd Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show!

Sarah C. Reese
LCHSA Board President