Welcome To Our 75th Annual Horse Show and Country Fair!

Year round, Board members and volunteers plan for Labor Day weekend, “at the crossroads.” This show could not happen without their commitment and efforts. I am especially grateful to the members of the Horse Show Committee, who meet regularly to plan ways to improve the offerings at the show, make the order of divisions in all three rings efficient, and provide input from trainers and riders.

In 2017, five trainers donated prize money to various classes at LCHS. This generosity allowed us to increase prize money offered to exhibitors. We are adding a $1,500. Invitational Hunter Derby this year in addition to our Horse and Pony Derbies and will be seeking support from trainers for it; if you wish to donate towards prize money, please contact me at: info@ludwigshorseshow.com.

In honor of our anniversary, our LCHSA Mini Prix Jumper Classic prize money is increased to $7,500.

We plan some special events to celebrate our 75th year: a photo contest (dig into your archives!), a gift for each exhibitor, and other special commemorative activities. We want our 75th to be our best year yet, and hope that you will mark Labor Day weekend on your competition calendar.

We look forward to seeing you at LCHS 2018!

Sarah C. Reese
LCHSA Board President