Country Fair

Fun for the whole family! There’s so much to do at Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show and Country Fair.

More fun for all the kids in our improved Midway. The rides and games will be enjoyed by the younger crowd. There is also an entire tent full of games and activities for kids. There is sure to be an activity that appeals to everyone! Please stop in and see our improved games and activities tent!

And don’t forget about the shops! Many local and out of the area shops come to share the same tent atop the LCHS midway. Vendors offer everything from antiques to handcrafted jewelry, fine art to fashions and everything in between.


Horse Show

The main reason we exist!  We are one of the best shows for young and old equestrians to compete in locally-rated competition in Hunters, Jumpers & Equitation.

The Horse Show starts at 8 am each day and continues thru to dusk.

Saturday  Main Ring competition starts with Lead Line at 8 am, and features expanded classes for former racehorses in The Jockey Club T.I.P. Hunters. Local horses ride over fences and under saddle in the Field/Fox Hunters, Handy Hunters & Side Saddle.  Hunt Teams and our Family Class round out the day.  At 12:00 noon the Kimberton Hunt Club hosts a Mounted Parade of Hounds and the Thorncroft Mainstreamers provide the afternoon entertainment.

Rings 2 & 3 feature Hunters,  Equitation and Medal classes throughout the day.
Hunters are judged on manners, way of moving, style, performance over fences, overall brilliance of the round. Suitability of mount and rider to count in pony classes.

Equitation classes are judged on the rider’s hands, seat and control of mount.


Sunday Main Ring competition features Children’s & Adult Amateur Hunters, as well as riders and horses competing for ribbons and money in the LCHSA Horse Classic and the LCHSA Hunter Derby and Pony Derby.   Horses compete over fences typically found in the hunt field, riders are required to wear prescribed attire for the Derby and the Classic.  The annual Carriage Exhibition & Pleasure Drive is featured approximately at 2:00 PM.

Rings 2 & 3 feature Hunter & Equitation classes, Medal classes, the LCHSA Pony Classic, Pony Model, Pleasure Horse & Pony.


Monday Main Ring competition begins at 7:30 am and features Jumpers all day. A M&S League Child/Adult Amateur Jumper Classic is in the late morning,  with the LCHSA Jumper Classic – Mini-Prix competition about 1 pm.  Jumpers are judged on time and clear rounds, lest they are penalized for time faults and downed rails.

The Parade of Hounds and the Valley Forge Military Academy & College Mounted Color Guard provide entertainment before the Mini-Prix.

Rings 2 & 3 feature Ponies and Horses competing in more Hunter divisions, a Pony Model, Hunter Pairs, Pony Jumpers, Hopeful Jumpers and TIP Jumpers.

The Trophy & Awards tent is located between the Main Ring & Ring 2, next to the Show Office/Secretary’s Stand.

Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show and Country Fair Committee

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The Labor Day forecast calls for early morning fun followed by scattered smiles throughout the day.