Parking space in the Van and Trailer area is at a premium. Our priority is to properly park the large amount of goosenecks, oversize trailers and the occasional semi-tractor/trailers that pull onto the property each day. Parking is at a premium on Labor Day with the Car Show.

In order to keep horse trailer traffic flowing smoothly and get them parked properly and efficiently, NO PASSENGER VEHICLES will be permitted to ENTER the horse van/trailer parking area – even “just to drop something off”.  All cars must park in Main Parking – No Exceptions.

PLEASE help your trainer by planning ahead and ensuring all your tack & equipment is in the tow vehicle and/or trailer before leaving for the show.

We will have parking assistants in golf carts to help shuttle exhibitors, family members and any gear from Main Parking to where you need to be – simply ask an assistant to radio one for you.