The 2015 Prize List Gets A New Look!

We’re really excited about the cleaner appearance to the prize list, updated specifications and new offerings!

The complete prize list can be found here: 2015 Prize List

sneak peek prize list

What to look forward to:

More Affiliations: In addition to being CCHSA recognized, the Ludwig’s Corner Labor Day Weekend Horse Show is also Marshall & Sterling League and EPPHA recognized.


The Rider must be a M&S League member in order for points to count. Any horse shown by a member rider will earn points. Riders may apply online at or at the horse show office. Points are not retroactive. M&S League points will accrue in all the CCHSA Medal classes, the Horse & Pony Hunter Classics, the new 2’6 Adult Medal and the $1500 Children’s/Adult Amateur Jumper Classic.


EPPHA will award points for the first over fences class in the hunter division and in all classes in the jumpers where applicable. Membership must be up-to-date in order to receive points towards the current year’s high-score awards. Applications can be found at  logo_150_32105137_large.14024738_std


More Classes and Awards


$1500 Marshall & Sterling League Children’s/Adult Amateur Jumper Classic – open to junior and adult amateur riders, please note fences are at 1.10m. 8 ribbons.

A Costume Jumper Class at 1.0m  on Monday afternoon. Riders are encouraged to participate and be creative with costumes. An additional prize awarded to the best costume based on crowd appeal.

Jumpers will start at 7:30 am on Monday in the Main Ring. The Horse Show starts at 8:00 am Saturday and Sunday, with Rings 2 & 3 starting at 8:00 am on Monday.

T.I.P. Jumpers & a Groom’s Class – see below for more information.



A fun Costume Class for singles, pairs or teams shown at a walk will be on Sunday afternoon in Ring 3. Be creative with your barn mates!

We’ve added a Model class to Green Pony on Monday in Ring 3 and to Children’s Hunter Pony on Sunday in Ring 2. Ponies are shown in hand, to be judged on handling and presentation. Will be asked to jog. Confirmation not to count. This is a great stepping stone for Juniors that want Model experience without the stress of rated shows.

Expanded Field/Fox Hunter in the Main Ring on Saturday afternoon. Open to all horses & ponies, to be judged on the proper hunt turnout of horse & rider; the way of going, manners, safety, boldness, handiness and overall brilliance of the round. Need not be MFHA. This is a great warm up for Hunt Night at Harrisburg, local Hunter Trials or for the Eventers and Pony Clubbers that may have a horse or pony that is great at cross country, but not so great with hounds and hasn’t hunted as a result.  Fences at 2’6″ – 2’9″.






Junior Style Award: Based on the Judge’s Opinion in the Main Ring on Sunday. Riders wishing to be considered must wear a light blue armband. See the show office to obtain your armband. Fee:$10

LCHSA $1500 Hunter Derby: Two rounds in this exciting class on Sunday afternoon in the Main Ring. The first round is a Classic, the top 12 riders return for a Handy Hunter round. The course should simulate riding over hunt country. Open to all riders. Horses only. IMG_2109Fences at 3’0″. 12 ribbons.




Junior & Amateur Handler Classes: Horse or Pony shown in hand and moved on the line. To be judged on presentation of the animal to the judge, neatness and appearance of the handler, and the overall condition of the animal. Conformation will not be a determining factor. To be jogged before being moved to the line in order of preference. Sunday in afternoon in Ring 3. Great experience for handling without the stress of a rated show.

A Groom’s Class is open to anyone who grooms at a barn or at shows. Grooms and their horses will be judged on overall cleanliness, appropriate use and fit of tack, tack cleanliness, application of boots/wraps, neatness of clipping, overall presentation and grooming box.  Time to recognize those that work so hard behind the scenes and at all hours. Sunday afternoon in the Main Ring.

Blue/Red Hunter Warm Up: This replaces schooling in the Main Ring on Saturday and Sunday which should help move along classes. Blue score 76 and above. Red score 70 – 75. Ribbon awarded for the first trip only. A second trip may be purchased, at management’s discretion, if time allows. Hacking in the Main Ring only before the show.

Ticketed Schooling in Rings 2 & 3  before the show from 6:45 am – 7:30 am and at scheduled breaks during the day.

A Medal Over Fences class has been added to the popular Jack Benny Division. A  Low Adult Equitation Division is new on Monday in Ring 2 this year, which includes a M&S Medal class.

The Horse & Pony Hunter Classics and CCHSA Medal classes are M&S affiliated now.

Expanded The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program classes for Hunters & Jumpers. Divisions for T.I.P. Beginner Hunter (2′) & Low Hunter (2’6) and a T.I.P. Hunter Classic (2’6) are on the Saturday schedule. T.I.P. Jumpers compete at fence height .75m & .85m on Monday in the Main Ring. T.I.P. High Point Hunter and T.I.P. High Point Jumper Awards include a fancy rosette, $50 prize money and a T.I.P. logo embroidered cooler.

Visit The Jockey Club T.I.P.IMG_1484 for more information and to register your horse.