Visit the Hounds while at the Horse Show

Parade of Hounds in the Main Ring  on Labor Day

Each year, since 1995, the Skycastle French Hounds sponsor a conservation tent aka “the hound tent” at the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show & Country Fair to acquaint longtime locals and newcomers to the area with our sport, and our efforts to preserve open space, protect watersheds and the historic features of Chester County.


At each show we parade our hounds and distribute county and state land preservation kits. The Green Valleys Association and the  French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust have information tables in the conservation tent to inform the public about open space and water issues, along with  Ryers’s Farm for Aged Equines and will be there during the show.

The Kimberton Hunt , the Warwick Village Hounds, and the Ardrossan Beagles have joined with us. The hounds will be in the tent on Labor Day and will parade in the Main Ring at mid-day just before the Mini-Prix.  Come visit these fox hounds, bassets and beagles – learn more about these various breeds,  have a great three days at the horse show & country fair and help preserve the land we hunt.

Jim Scharnberg – Skycastle French Hounds