Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show & Country Fair

The Ludwig’s Corner  Horse Show &  Country Fair Committees handle all the planning and decisions surrounding the annual Labor Day Weekend event.  These people are responsible for all the logistics and fun activities that occur throughout the show. Without them, the weekend would not happen!

2020 Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show & Country Fair Committees

Executive Committee
Sara Jane Lubrano, George Cooney, John Jacobs

Horse Show Manager
Doug Curry

Horse Show Committee
Erin Skog Malikowski – chair
Sara Jane Lubrano, Barbara Van Horn, Jamie Mast Windle,
Wendy Silverwood, Katie Skog, Nancy Moffitt

Country Fair Committee
George Cooney – Chair
Volunteers: Florence Delaney, Doreen Murner
Vendors: Sara Jane Lubrano
Souvenirs: Amy Thompson, Kelly McEvoy Cocke, Barbara Van Horn, Chris Terebesi
Midway Entertainment: TBA
Children’s Games: Barry DiLibero
Vendors: Sara Jane Lubrano
Front Gate: Greg Ligon
Parking: Knights of Columbus
Show Program: Sarah Reese, Lynne Cooksey
Advertising/Publicity: George Cooney, Taylor Fasching, Alyssa Murphree
Food & Beverage: Yellow Springs Catering
Security: Richard Kerns
First Aid: TeenAid

 Building & Grounds Committee
John Jacobs – Chair
Denise O’Connor, George Parshall, Paul Jorgenson,
George Cooney, Ed Bacon, Sara Jane Lubrano

Sponsorship Committee
Sarah Reese – Chair
Judy Rosato, Lynne Cooksey,
Kyle Wherrity, Nancy Moffitt, Doreen Murner

Website: Ed Bacon
Graphic Design: Andrea Collins
Photography: Ed Bacon & Alyssa Murphree for LCHSA
Social Media: Wendy Silverwood
Finance & Accounting: John Bachich, Doreen Resnick, Bob Bezgin CPA
Membership: Barbara Van Horn, Nancy Moffitt