Looking For A Few Good Men….And Women

There is a ton of snow out there”… “It’s months until Labor Day Weekend”
“We have the whole summer” …
Yes, I know – all of that is true! However, while the sound of the snow plow is in the air, and the mounds of snow continue to be shoveled and plowed, and the temperatures are in the 30’s – the Board of the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Association is busy planning the 73rd Annual Ludwig’s Corner #LaborDayWeekend Horse Show & Country Fair.
But I am not asking you to sign up to volunteer – well, not just yet.

What I am looking for is a few good Committee people who want to get more involved with the Horse Show & Country Fair.

Specifically, I am looking for the following positions to help coordinate and serve as “Coaches” for the following:
  • Food – we are in need of some “Coaches” to help coordinate the volunteers who work in the Food booths. This would involve working with me on who is going to be working in each booth, making sure that everyone shows up, and checking on everyone during the shift to be sure that everything is going okay!
  • Main Gate & Parking – we are in need of some “Coaches” for Main Gate & Parking! We could really use a “Coach” to help with Parking. We are never sure of the ebb and flow of our guests, so it would be really helpful if we could get a “Coach” to help us manage the Parking (making sure we have the right amount of staff directing cars at the right time), and making sure that we have the right people at the right time collecting money (Main Gate).
  • In Addition: Sponsorship – this time of year a lot of companies allocate their sponsorship dollars. If the company you work for might be able to help “sponsor” the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show & Country Fair – now in it’s 73rd year – we would be thrilled! It’s pretty easy to do. You can provide me with the name, phone number and email of the person in your company we should contact, and LCHSA will take it from there. Or, if you’d like a letter from LCHSA that you can present on our behalf, we can provide you with that.

More Sponsorship information at these links:


So, while you are digging out of the snow, think about the nice warm days of the Horse Show. Think about the sunny blue skies! Think about how nice it would be to be volunteering at the horse show now, instead of digging out from the snow. Feel that nice warm sun on your face. Now, doesn’t that feel better?
Please let me know if you can/will/or be able to help this year! We are hoping to make this year bigger and better than ever! We can’t do it without people like you – so if you can help out – we would love to have you!
Best regards,
MH Flick
LCHSA Volunteer Chair
email: lchsvolunteerchair@comcast.net https://ludwigshorseshow.com/volunte…