2016 Awards Sponsors

Be a part of the 2016  Labor Day Weekend Horse Show by sponsoring ribbons or prizes for our exhibitors.

Have your Farm, Family, Business or Community Group support our Awards effort and get listed within our 2016 Prize List. (deadline for the prize list: April 15th)

Your sponsorship will be promoted across all our LCHS social media, on our website, as well as in our 2016 Show Program, which is distributed on the grounds at our Labor Day Weekend Horse Show & Country Fair to exhibitors, trainers & the public.

All sponsors are encouraged to help present their ribbons/awards to the winning exhibitor(s) while on the grounds Labor Day Weekend.

Various levels of support are available : click here to PURCHASE

$400 Division Sponsor : Be listed in our Prize List and sponsor an entire Jumper or Hunter Division of your choice. Includes a scrim/dress sheet for the Champion, Reserve winner award, neck sashes for both and all division ribbons. Deadline to be included in prize list is April 15th. Listings after that date will be promoted on our social media. Not sure which Division to sponsor? You can leave that to us.


$200 Division Sponsor : Provides Champion & Reserve ribbons, a unique “keeper” trophy for the Division Champion & the class ribbons for the entire division. Applicable to any Jumper, Hunter or Equitation division of your choice, or leave it up to us.


$200 Lead Line  Sponsor : Provides yummy “Cookie Pops” for all our little Lead Line exhibitors, as well as those showing in our Adult Lead Line. A popular item for all!

IMG_9375 IMG_5380

$100 Lead Line Sponsor: Provides cute stuffed foxes to the 1st – 8th place ribbon winners in the Walk class of Lead Line Younger & Lead Line Older.


$150 Classics Ribbons Sponsor : Extra fancy rosettes & an embroidered saddle pad for any of our Hunter or Jumper Classics. we offer our LCHSA Horse Classic, our LCHSA Pony Classic, a Marshall & Sterling Child/Adult Jumper Classic and our LCHSA Jumper Classic Mini-Prix competition.



$100 Show Scrim Sponsor: An embroidered scrim to the Jumper, Hunter or Equitation division winner of your choosing – or leave it up to us.


$75 Jumper Class Sponsor: Includes choice of an LCHS embroidered saddle pad or hand-painted equestrian piece & the ribbons for the class.


$75 Grand Reserve Champion Sponsor : A beautiful hand-painted equestrian piece presented to the Grand Hunter Horse & the Grand Hunter Pony.


$50 Ribbons Sponsor : Sponsor the complete set of ribbons for a Hunter, Jumper or EQ Division, including Champion & Reserve, of your choosing – or leave it up to us.


$50 Keeper Award Sponsor : Beautiful smaller pieces done by Frederique’s Studio. This is a great size for a Jumper Division winner or for any Hunter or EQ division winner of your choosing – or leave it up to us.


Other Awards ideas also available for specific classes or Best Child Rider on a Pony, Best Child Rider on a Horse, Best Adult Rider, Best Turned Out Horse & Rider awards or Junior Rider Style awards, or create your own.

Click here to select an option from our registry and pay using major credit card or PayPal : AWARDS REGISTRY


Have an equine or equestrian related business? In-Kind donations to our Awards table of rider-specific product, equine supplies, gift baskets, gift certificates, swag bags, samples or related services are also appreciated. Your business promotional materials can be distributed at our Awards Tent & mentioned across all our social media & in the show program.

To inquire on supporting our 2016 Trophies & Awards, send an email to : awards@ludwigshorseshow.com

LCHSA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3

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