Qualified Riders for the LCHSA Invitational Hunter Derby

These Horse & Rider Combinations are qualified at these heights for the $1500 Invitational Hunter Derby.
This class will be held on Monday, September 3rd at the end of the day in Ring 3.

2’3” Fence Height

  • Alysha Barber, Blessed Time (EZ-GO)
  • Alissa Facciolo, Star of Magic (EZ-GO)
  • Brittany Yard, Poppet (EZ-GO)
  • Alexis Balance, Raising Caine (Bridge Acres)
  • Lauren Weaver, Marley (Bridge Acres)
  • Juliette Petterson, National Anthem (Bridge Acres)
  • Sophia Jones, Painted Angel (Bridge Acres)
  • Lindsey Mecouch, Etched in Irish (Bridge Acres)
  • Zoe Homan (Sheer Chance Stable)
  • Madyson Boyle (Sheer Chance Stable)
  • Kaitlin Swinnerton, Erin Meadows Jumpshot (June Fete)
  • Kayla Destephanis, Rosecroft Bellebrooke (June Fete)
  • McKenna Hayden (Linden Hall Show Series)
  • Kayley Mcintyre (Linden Hall Show Series)
  • Maddie Gery (Linden Hall Show Series)
  • Lucy Heckendorn (Linden Hall Show Series)
  • Alyssa Musumeci (Linden Hall Show Series)
  • Sara Sabo, Bryn Taran Violet (Turnabout Farm)
  • Madeline White, Summer Lovin (Turnabout Farm)
  • Camryn Ortelli, Orchard Hill’s Firefly (Penn Jersey Benefit)
  • Isabella David, Wellsprings Roxstar (Briarwood Derby Day)
  • Tara Krishnamurti, Sir Harvey (Briarwood Derby Day)

2’6” Fence Height

  • Sasha Houck, Little Boy (EZ-GO)
  • Alysha Barber, Blessed Time (EZ-GO)
  • Morgan Miller, Northwinds Opus (Pickering Pony Show)
  • Melissa Donohue, A Day in the Parks (Pickering Pony Show)
  • Lauren Welsh, Miss Pretty Money (Bridge Acres)
  • Zara Pyzowski, Churchhill (Bridge Acres)
  • Danielle Silva (Sheer Chance Stable)
  • Julia Furst (Sheer Chance Stable)
  • Emily Winton, Skipping Stones (Heaven’s Gate Farm)
  • Gwen Steele, Noelle (Heaven’s Gate Farm)
  • Laura Snavely (Linden Hall)
  • Danea Snavely (Linden Hall)
  • Rachel Weik (Linden Hall)
  • Sarah Ewing, Keep it Clean (CJL @ Radnor)
  • Kayla Wilson, Goldfly (CJL @ Radnor)
  • Sara Sabo, Bryn Taran Violet (Turnabout Farm)
  • Mackenzie Fitch, Noble Intentions (Turnabout Farm)
  • Erin Beatty, Mr. Good Stuff (Turnabout Farm)
  • Maggee Cappellano, Nashway (Turnabout Farm)
  • Jackie Blacie, Out of the Ordinary (Penn Jersey Benefit)
  • Morgan Napolitano, Galloway Bay (EZ-GO)
  • Kelly Matthews, Idoliz (Black Horse Stables)
  • Randi Durkin on Wellington (Black Horse Stables)
  • Alison Harbold (Knock on Wood Farm)
  • Amy Scarlett (Knock on Wood Farm)
  • Danae Snyder, Wicked Elegance (Pickering Hunt Pony Club Hunter Jumper Show)
  • Madison Barnett, Yours Truly (Pickering Hunt Pony Club Hunter Jumper Show)
  • Leigh Berman, Nashville (Out Of Reach Farm)
  • Caitlin Reitmeyer, Wall Street Wager (CJL)
  • Olivia Holtsclaw, Dublin (CJL)
  • Shoshana Altschuler, Askara (Briarwood Derby Day)
  • Bianca Salituri, Zedulon (Briarwood Derby Day)

3’ Fence Height

  • Claudia Dollinger (Knock on Wood Farm)
  • Rachel Wilkowski (Knock on Wood Farm)
  • Alissa Facciolo, Star of Magic (EZ-GO)
  • Sasha Houck, Little Boy (EZ-GO)
  • Shannon Schmidt, Configuro (EZ-GO)
  • Rachel Wilkoski, McGowen (EZ-GO)
  • Alex Cumor, Calvin Klein (Bridge Acres)
  • Melissa Grover, Merritt (Bridge Acres)
  • Danielle Silva (Sheer Chance Stable)
  • Emily Rowland (Sheer Chance Stable)
  • Lindsay Neill, Town Crier (CJL @ Radnor)
  • Katie Snyder, Avicci (Turnabout Farm)
  • Ashley Nicki, Miss Congeniality (Turnabout Farm)

Class #342

Open to Juniors, Amateur Adults & Professionals who have placed 1st or 2nd in a participating Derby or Classic during the year, including the 1st & 2nd place ribbon winners at our 2018 LCHSA Hunter & Pony Derbies. If less than 12 are entered, it becomes a sweepstakes. The first round is a classic hunter round. The top 12 riders are invited back for a second handy hunter round.

Fences at 2’3″, 2’6′ & 3’0″.

Formal Attire Requested
Entry Fee: $75

12 Ribbons

$300 $275 $225 $175 $150 $125 $100 $75 $50 $25

The Top Ten ribbon winners also qualify for the CCHSA $3000 Invitational Hunter Classic held on November 18th at Wyndsor Farm. A certificate will be given at the show.

Mailed Pre-Entries must be postmarked August 27th. Per-Enter online by August 29th at HorseShowing.com
Entries received after these dates will incur a $25 Post-Entry Fee. The $25 Office Fee applies to all entries and is non-refundable.

Find a 2018 Entry Blank HERE
Find complete 2018 Exhibitor Information HERE

Questions or Corrections – Please contact Nancy Moffitt

This list is current as of August 23rd.