Live Music at the Country Fair 2018

Enjoy Live Music each day on our midway from 1 – 4 pm.


Trevon Raines

As a young teen, Trevon started making up harmonies to songs she heard on the radio. She later started writing whole songs and performing them, doing National Anthems at ballparks, and singing at parties.

Trevon fell in love with pop, rock, folk, Broadway….

Her desire? To get in your face and make you feel something. She’s got a lot to say!

Emotive writing with strong melodies is what she’s always been drawn to and what she  creates…Carly Simon, Pink, Alanis, Elton John, Aerosmith, Tim McGraw…

She has a great sense of humor, a love of animals, and  feels like she’s soaring when she sings…

Give a listen. Experience her power; her passion; her sound.


Erik MacCain

I’ve been playing the guitar for over thirty years. I am very fortunate that I have been able to retire from my twenty-one plus year career as a parole officer to focus more time on doing something I truly love and that is music. My true passion is singing and playing the guitar for an audience, whether I’m performing solo, duo, or with a band. Music is always on my mind and once a gig is over I can’t wait for the next one to come up.


Ryan Cook

With years of experience, an extensive song list and intuitive feel for the space Ryan’s performance will not disappoint. With a deep-love for a wide range of musical genres (new and old) Ryan will come across to those attending like he really wants to be there and that everyone should join him in feeling great!

At points, you may wonder if it is just Ryan up there or a small band. Since Ryan has worked at playing as a solo musician for a while now, he has incorporated (among other things) percussion, whistling, and looping the rhythm guitar so he can play a lead in addition to it.